Learn the Secrets your Teacher Never Taught You

Whether you've had ACT Prep or not, there is more to learn!

If you know the ACT test secrets, a three-point gain is practically guaranteed. The ACT is a test you can study for! Many of my students have earned 3, 5 and even 6 or more additional composite points with the secrets I am sharing with you in this course.

Now more than ever, a higher ACT score can help you stand out above the rest – for college acceptance, and especially for scholarships.

Taking the ACT isn’t just about a test. It’s a step toward creating your future. Preparing for this test can actually be the first step toward switching from a high-school mindset to a college mindset.

And your mindset can move mountains.

This course will change your mindset about the ACT test. You will see that instead of thinking of it as an evil standardized test that puts everyone in the same box, standardized = PREDICTABLE. That means you can learn the SECRETS to how to predict what each ACT question’s answer is.

And if you don’t know how to use these secrets well, you risk retaking the test multiple times with little to no gains.

You have what it takes to score well. No matter what that unencouraging teacher may have told you in ninth grade. I’ll show you how -- through every scrap of wisdom and practical tip I’ve developed over the years.

It’s all yours for $99. Register for this self-paced course, and let me show you how to earn the ACT score you deserve.


I want to help you learn how to take the ACT test with confidence. So I’m teaching an ONLINE ACT secrets class! It is organized into 6 sections:

  • an introduction,
  • English,
  • Math,
  • Reading,
  • Science,
  •  and a little about the essay.

In each section, there are many 5-15 minute videos designed for you to study as much or as little as you need per day. These videos are so full of secret insider strategies that many ACT teachers don’t even know. You may choose to watch just one video a day or finish an entire section in one sitting. The pacing is up to you. After each section there is a quiz to refresh your knowledge on what you’ve learned. You will also have access to free BONUS content, including full-length practice tests.

Click on the Free Preview link at the top of this page to see a sample of what you will get in this course. We will ask for your email address to send you infrequent periodic updates, but we will never SPAM you!

Higher score = Scholarship money

Score increase guaranteed

Read about our happy students

From 32 to 34

by Rachel J

My son was stuck getting the same score a few times in a row. We thought he’d like an extra boost on his last try taking the ACT in his 12th grade year. He attended Boot Camp in August and raised his ACT from a 32 to a 34, with perfect scores in reading and science. Many thanks for the strategies that added extra tools to his toolbox!

7 point increase

Marybeth S

Laura came strongly recommended by several friends, and I’m so happy I took their advice. After a handful of tutoring sessions with her, my son’s ACT score increased 7 points...from a 26 to a 33. An excellent investment in your child’s education!

4 point increase

Rebecca H

Laura has been an amazing ACT tutor for our son. Her methods & strategies helped him go up 4 points to a 32 from the June test to the Dec test! She has also helped him in study skills, organization, and overcoming test anxiety which has helped him tremendously in all areas of high school, not just the ACT. He is a very hard worker and has put a lot of time & effort in to his education, but Laura has absolutely been instrumental in his success. I can’t thank you enough!!!


Test Prep Coach

Laura Link

I am a test prep professional and a certified teacher, currently practicing in Covington, La. For 12 years, students in my ACT and SAT prep classes have raised their scores. A big reason for this success is that I'm not just a tutor: I am classroom teacher, and that has taught me how to reach EVERY student where they are. I've taught ACT/SAT prep, English, reading, writing and journalism to grades 9-12 in Florida and in Louisiana. In Florida, I loved being a Teacher Leader and Master Teacher from 2013-2015 until I moved back home to Louisiana to be closer to my family. I believe every student can learn. The key is to find your strengths and find your internal motivation. Even if school is not your thing, I promise you will be able to connect with my methods and enjoy success. Those who are motivated to earn their best score, routinely see more than 3 point gains in each section of the ACT. Because of the family resemblance of standardized tests, you will see not only ACT score increases, but improved English and Math grades as well. Contact me at 985-260-2620 or laura@linkprivatetutoring.com for a free consultation to work with me one-one.